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Storytelling for influence

Influence your customer with stories.

Make them trust you, love you, and love you again!

storytelling in business

People remember stories better for several reasons – stories engage different parts of the brain and create links between the facts. When we imagine the story in our minds, it keeps our attention focused on the story. In addition, the meaning and associations created by the story moves the information into our long-term memory.

How do we use storytelling to influence?

Most people have relatively short attention spans, so keep your story short and simple. We recommend about 30-90 seconds for good timing, especially if you’re giving a presentation. This isn’t very long, so just retain all the relevant, important details, and skip all the rest. Keep refining and editing your story to make sure it incites the emotions you want.

Why is storytelling so important?

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The What-Why-How of Storytelling to Influence

How to Build Your Personal Library of Stories

Tell Your Story

​Storytelling to Influence brings you simple tools to kickstart your storytelling journey, divided into 3 themes and spread over 23 two-minute videos.

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Get our free e-book on how you can use storytelling to influence others.

I've never felt so good by watching someone present as I do with Jeff.

This course is short, but very illustrative about what you need to tell good stories. Jeff tells you dozens of stories that makes you involved with the course without you noticing it. After watching the videos, I put the lessons into practice and I realized that people became more interest in what I tell. It works! Take this course. It's a great investment.

Bruno Bastos


Join 40,000 other students in learning how to influence with storytelling today!

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